[If you are under legal age, this blog is NOT for you. Leave now.]

Although I am an older married bi-guy and enjoy man2woman times, it is the man2man experiences that really get me the most fucking excited! I especially enjoy playing with college-aged guys. Also, hot vids or pics of two guys man2man always get me very turned on... whether they be father/son type, two hot young college dudes fucking, str8 man's first time, or any other scenario involving man2man....

Please Note: Any reference to "sons" or pictures of "sons" on my blog refer to guys who are younger than me but of legal age.

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Some of my favorite dads and sons….

Here are some links to some of my favorite dads’ and sons’ tumblr pages and tumblrs with dad/son themes.  Those of you who have followed me for any time at all know that I love dad/son and older/younger scenarios.  I especially like playing with my college-aged "sons" and I love it when they call me "dad."  Please keep in mind that any reference to "sons" or pictures of "sons" on my blog refer to guys who are younger than me but of legal age.  I am a married bi dad with a real son who is 26 years old and totally str8.  I have never played with him but I love playing with other "sons" around his age and those in college!


    bearjocks   ~~ bears, daddies, jockstraps, and other hot men….

  boifordad18 ~~  a 20 year old boy, showing his inner fantasy of wanting an alpha daddy to wreck him and make him his…

    boyscurious  ~~ 18 y.o. hung uncut dude posting hot teens and sugar daddies only….

    brazen68  ~~ married masculine bisexual dad with lots of hot experiences….

    brazensboy  ~~ son who plays with fucking hot dads like brazen68….

    collegeb0y  ~~ one of my most recent tumblr finds… a very fucking hot college boy, 19, secretly attracted to older men and likes the idea of having a daddy….

    collegeboydreams  ~~ bisexual lover of daddies and more….

    dadandson  ~~ real dad with a biological son who are in a real relationship with each other….

    dadandsontime  ~~ experience a little dad and son time….

    daddiesn2younger  ~~ daddies young fuck studs, sexy boys and play toys….

    daddyboybuffet  ~~ daddies, boys, and more daddies….

    daddys-little-faggot  ~~ pics and vids that illustrate his love of masculine daddies, experiences he’s  had and pervy fantasies that pop into his head every now and again….

    daddysuit  ~~ macho men, masculine dads, suits, uniform, bulge, work, sports, truckers, lycra, cartoons, bears, and other clothing fetishes….

    diaryofadaddy  ~~ diary of a daddy… see what kinds of things he likes keeping a record of….

    dixieboi4dad  ~~ well-traveled, daddy-loving bottom boy and the men he hungers for, with a real weakness for married cock wearing a wedding ring….

    drakestories  ~~ Pics, stories, fiction, scenarios, and role play about jocks, dads, suits, white collar sex, celebrity athletes….

    fuckyeahdaddyissues  ~~ check out all the fucking gorgeous daddies posted on this tumblr….

    harrisonsloveshack  ~~ Harrison is 19 and constantly horny, loves daddies and hairy guys, and gay incest really gets him going….

    hornyformydad  ~~ 19 year old who’s been after his dad’s dick for years and determined to get it soon….

    iluvdaddycock  ~~ role-play behaviours of mature consenting adult men only referred to in terms of “daddy” and “son”….

    isuckmydad  ~~ is sucking your dad your fantasy, or is it your reality? check out these fantasies and realities on this tumblr….

    iwanttobeyourboysir ~~ a 19 year old boy cub exploring his kinky side and looking for the right man to make him his boy, dedicated to sharing his dirty thoughts and fantasies….

    lookingforfitdadorson  ~~ middle-aged mwm, looking for fit dads or sons….  THIS TUMBLR HAS BEEN STARTED AGAIN UNDER A NEW NAME:  redwine54… (see the listing below)

    marriedgaydad  ~~ a married gay dad with some pics of himself but mostly pics that he finds sexy for one reason or another….

    mysexydad  ~~ themes of dad/son from a 22 y.o. bi-guy who has a great relationship with his 44 y.o. sexy str8 dad.  this is his secret fantasy… or? likes hairy blokes, the daddy type.  he says he is a little bit more endowed than his dad… but both are horny always….

    omgtgif  ~~ guy into daddies,beard & mustache, hairy chest & ass, and more….

  redwine54 ~~ middle-aged mwm, bi-dad, looking for fit dads or sons… musician, lover of red wine and Italian food…

    theboysgentlemen  ~~ quoting this 18 going on 19 year old, “Come! Pull up a chair - whip off your trousers, pull out your cock and peruse my collection of favourite men. A blog specialising in the erotic, the hairy and the beautiful….”

    xgendadsandsons  ~~ A place for those who like cross generational sex — Dads/Sons, Uncles/Nephews, Older/Younger, all men over 18….

    younger4older  ~~ a slutty 20 year old jock into hot, masculine, older, hairy, white men and black guys but favoring redheads….

    youngerandolderlove  ~~ a 19 year old who is totally into older men….


The above links are only a sampling of dad/son themed man2man tumblr blogs… if you know of others or want yours to be included in this list of links then send me a message for consideration!